Archetypal Therapy & Consultation

        Archetypes give us a whole new language and perspective. I am a certified Archetype Consultant trained in Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts approach. She teaches that we all have 12 life-long archetypes which are patterns or expressions of power. These always include the Victim, Saboteur, Prostitute and a Child archetype. So how does it work? The Victim teaches us about self-empowerment. Are you stuck in the Shadow part of the archetype, literally giving away your power or control so that you feel disempowered, depressed, stuck or unable to make changes in some aspect of your life? Are you in the light aspect of this archetype, feeling empowered and victorious, with compassion and empathy for other people in their struggles? The Prostitute teaches us about self worth. Where do you sell yourself out? Do you stand in your truth and integrity or are there places in your life where you compromise and resent or regret it? The Saboteur teaches us the lesson of self esteem. Can you overcome the barriers and obstacles in your life or do you get stuck and trapped? The Saboteur guides us in making good decisions by slowing us down so that we can discern what choice is in our best and highest interest. Do you have a Martyr, Queen, Mystic, Seeker, Healer, Artist,or Rescuer archetype? I can help you understand its patterns in your life and the lessons it is meant to teach you.

        In addition to identifying archetypal patterns in therapy, I can do a natal chart reading. This identifies your 12 life-long core archetypes and places them in the house that they most influence. These 12 houses correspond to the astrology houses and these two approaches can be very complimentary. These houses govern important aspects of our lives like relationships, family, career, resources, ego, and spirituality. I can also do more extensive Transformation and Fate and Destiny charts that are 36 archetypes.

        Combining archetypal work with expressive arts like guided imagery, Authentic Movement, or sand tray, can lead to an even deeper connection and understanding of these energy patterns and their expression in your life.  Please ask me about archetypes!

These readings are available on-line (through Telehealth) as well as in person.

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