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Just like you, I’m a woman.  Ain’t it great!  Well mostly, but it does come with its unique challenges.

As a wives, daughters, and mothers, we know how difficult it can be to find balance.  We are often asked to make sacrifices for our families and our careers and that leaves little time for ourselves.  We put everybody else’s needs first, or sometimes, we are afraid to be in relationships because we are afraid we will become secondary.  If we are single, dating at any age or after divorce or being widowed has its own unique problems and challenges.

Women often think in a highly relational way, unlike men who tend to think in a more solution-focused way.   We look each other in the eyes, we go to our friends for advice.  We value our feelings and need to express them.  We live in a world where we are deeply interconnected and if we aren’t able to have those connections or we lose them, we grieve them.

And beyond our family and friend relationships, we must also navigate societal standards and beliefs about what it means to be a woman.  Many of us have suffered from abuse, harassment, domestic violence, or the glass ceilingWho we are and how we perceive ourselves means just as much as what we are.    Many of these experiences can lead to issues such as low self-esteem, hopelessness, chronic pain, loss of energy and motivation, loneliness, and feeling lost, angry, or confused about life.  

I strongly believe that everyone deserves a space to receive support and healing, especially women.  This is why I provide specialized therapy options for women and women’s issues.

What is Therapy for Women?

As a female therapist with decades of experience working with women just like you, I know the importance of tailoring treatment to your needs.  Therapy for Women (or Women’s Therapy) is a specific approach to psychotherapy designed to empower women and help you find balance, love, joy, self-empowerment, and to feel good, really good as a woman in all your different life roles.

Additionally, Therapy for Women is tailored for issues that are common among women, such as dating, marriage or partnership, pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage, stillborn births, abortion, adoption, single motherhood, menopause, sexuality sexual orientation as well as sexual abuse, rape, harassment, bullying, physical or emotional abuse or domestic violence.  Although not exclusive to women (as some men will also share these experiences), this treatment is all about reconnecting and empowering you so that you can heal and feel whole.

As a counselor who practices talk therapy as well as expressive arts therapy and body-based techniques, my approach is uniquely tailored to you.  Much of treatment looks like traditional talk therapy, where we meet one-on-one in a safe, confidential office where we have open and authentic conversations.  Additionally, I offer Sand Tray, Guided Imagery, Authentic Movement, and other tools like collage and role play, to help you work through thoughts and feelings that may be beyond words.

How does Therapy for Women work?

Here is an example of how treatment might progress in Women’s Therapy.  Initially, we would get to know each other and help you understand the process.  We build a therapeutic relationship.  We would talk about your needs and goals, and how I can best help you become the most authentic you.

As we delve deeper into your unique story, we can begin to make connections between past and current experiences – and discover archetypal patterns.  Then, we can talk about ways to change those patterns for the better, how to become empowered and courageous, and how to find true healing.

As you engage in treatment, you will begin to notice some changes:

  • Increased awareness and understanding
  • Recognition of what it means for you to be a woman
  • Decreased reactivity to stress and worry
  • Enhanced feelings of self-worth
  • Feeling motivated and able to accomplish goals
  • Developed confidence in having a voice
  • Improved capacity for relationship and connection

You do not have to do this alone.  To learn more about my services or sign up for your first session, contact me today!  Read on to learn more about the specific issues Therapy for Women can treat.

What can Therapy for Women help with?

Therapy for Women is flexible and can be integrated into treatment for all sorts of issues, such as depression or anxiety.

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Pregnancy and childbirth, abortion, infertility, caregiving and childrearing, postpartum depression, nursing, returning to work, and so much more.  Therapy for Women is designed to support clients as they work through these experiences.

Work-Life Balance

Women are often challenged to find a good balance between work and family.  Many work as homemakers or stay-at-home mothers in addition to navigating school, outside employment, relationships, and other stressors.  Women’s Therapy is all about setting healthy boundaries and optimizing your energy so that you can have a happy, healthy, well-balanced life.

Cancer and Other Major Health Issues

Women are at an elevated risk certain health issues, such as breast and cervical cancer, STDs, endometriosis, and osteoporosis.  Managing the stress of these issues plays an important role in therapy, as well as finding meaning and strength in your health journey.

Trauma and Abuse

As the most recent prevalence research demonstrates, approximately 1 in every 4 women has experienced some form of sexual abuse – and far too few of them are receiving the support and healing they deserve.  Therapy for Women is specifically used to treat the after-effects of such experiences.

Sexuality and Attraction

Many women grew up in cultures that stigmatized or shamed experiences of sex and sexuality.  Therapy can provide a space for women to speak freely, without shame or judgement, about their sexuality and gain insight.

I know that, with the right support, you have the power to overcome your struggles.  Let me be that support.  Together, we can help you live the happier, healthier life that you deserve.  To learn more about how I can help, contact me today!

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My name is Cathy Lebeaux, MA, MS, LPC, BC-DMT, and I am here for you!

I am a private practice counselor who provides Women’s Therapy and other forms of psychotherapy for clients from all over the Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina region.  I care deeply about my clients – and I really enjoy meeting new ones!  If you are interested in learning more about my services and how I can help, I would love to hear from you.  To send me a message, just follow this link!

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